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. a drug deal gone bad. that's what police say led up to a violent confrontation in an apartment that left three people dead. >> antioch tries to tackle crime by enforcing a curfew. the number of teens detained in just one night. >> construction is set to resume at the transbay it enatural after a worker was in the hospital after making contact with a live power line. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne.
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>> i'm heather holmes. its been a deadly woke in the city of richmond. ken pritchett is live where officers have revealed a motive for the incident. >> reporter: we talked to richmond police who say the triple homicide yesterday followed an argument which in turn followed some sort of drug transaction, that's three home sides yesterday, three others on sunday. some are worried the progress of late has been lost. mixed into the scheduled sermon at independent community church were words from the pastor on the violence in his city. >> you put pain in my neighborhood and i will bring pain to your neighborhood. now the whole ty city is hurting. >> reporter: debris marked a spot wore three young men died, shot dead with a 44th being
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questioned. that makes six homicides in a week, this after a drop in home sides seen in richmond last year. >> the shootings and homicides has been cut in half in the last two years. so we are very pleased about that. >> reporter: in february of 2010 leaders took to the streets demanding an end to violence after the shooting at a church and some say that is one reason why the homicide rate last year dropped by more than half. >> we had more people praying on the corner, thousands of people marching and i think the him pact onto city started there. >> reporter: with 17 home sides already this year in richmond the pastor and other leaders say the intervention so strong before has faded. along with the focused effort. he said its time to fill the streets to send a message. >> we need the young men to stand down. >> reporter: a third victim was identified from yesterday's victim as 28-year-old corey
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walker junior. the other two were 36 and 19 years old. >> one person is dead, another is in the hospital after an accident early this morning on interstate 880. it happened around 3:00 a.m. just north of 66th avenue in oakland. several cars were involved in the crash. the police say one of them stopped on the interstate and was then hit by two other vehicles. three lanes were closed but have reopened. >> vacaville police have identified a woman involved in a strange incident at a hotel. investigators say the 32-year- old walked into the lobby of the super 8 this morning naked and armed with a gun. police surrounded the building while a clerk called her down and convinced her to drop the gun. police say she admitted to taking marijuana and ectasy. >> police in antioch have started a summer long crack
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down on kids breaking curfew. we have more on how parents and teens are reacting to the crack down. he is live at a popular gathering spot for teens. >> reporter: police say this is a very popular spot for them to catch teens breaking curfew. though this park here does close after dark it is a spot for teens looking to break curfew. by day the park is a playground for kids and adults but police say after dark when the park closes it can be a draw for teens outbreaking the curfew. >> we have had problems in some of the parks and in the open spaces and as well as in just businesses of teens being the victim of crime late at night. >> reporter: the crack down on friday caught 37 teens, they were issued citations and brought here to be picked up by parents. police say it's not aimed at
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harassing teens, teens have been the targets of criminals. >> the crimes range from assaults, theft, to strong arm rory. >> reporter: parents like the idea of cracking down on curfew violations. >> i think it's a great idea. kids don't need to be out. they shouldn't be out. >> reporter: even teens say it makes sense. >> i mean as a kid you are always going to want a later curfew but when you have to be home you have to be home. >> reporter: police say curfew violations peak in the summer months so friday's crack down was just the first of a series of crack downs. >> our focus has been around some of the parks we have had problems at. next time it'll shift to another location. >> now police say the most common way to find curfew violations is when people call so they urge people to call it in when they see teens breaking curfew. >> police arrested a suspected
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drunk driver after he slammed his car into a fire engine that was leaving a house fire. the fire truck was near may berry road and high glenn drive around 12:30. police say the driver of the car was speeding when he swerved around a fire captain who was directing traffic. he then hit the fire truck. nobody was hurt. >> the united states coast guard will resume its search for seven people missing from the fishing boat that sank off the baja coast. so far the coast guard has searched about 3200 square miles. a crew completed it's 5th search yesterday of a 1,000 square mile area in the sea of cortes. the navy and the federal police are also participating in the search effort. no a blood drive held in honor of a martinez police sergeant who died of cancer is being called a huge success. brian carter died on june 22nd after a two year battle with cancer.
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the first yearly blood drive friday in his honor collected more than twice the goal amount. organizers say they had to turn 60 people away. a total of 75 units of blood was collected. >> cal fire is battling a fire in a rugged, remote area in the foothills. the fire broke out yesterday near the community of smartsville. that's in gold country in yuba. it was sparked by a downed power line. so far 340 acres have burned, no homes or buildings were threatened. the fire is 60% contained. >> the good news for firefighters, this weekend was a lot cooler than last weekend. mark has been tracking the temperatures and temperatures us where the fog will go next. >> reporter: the fog will be increasing over flight and we are expecting the cooler trend to continue. on the maps, we have experienced clearing out here but we have a few leftover patches, mainly targeting the san mateo county coastline.
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temperatures ranging from 61 in san francisco, still lower 80's to report, last week this time we were talking about triple digits toward fairfield and concord. not the case right now and san jose reporting 74 degrees. here is the forecast in the short term. a bit of a breeze, 58 to 72, mostly clear at eight. mid50s to the mid60's and then coastal fog regrouping. first thing tomorrow morning you can seat fog with the temperatures mainly in the 50s. the fog focused coast side and around the bay and it shows up nicely with the forecast models, we go into early monday morning at six. i will show you what happens into the afternoon, the changing fog pattern, also highlight the coolest day of the workweek. >> we have update on the condition of that construction work erin juried while working on the side of the new transit tunnel. it happened yesterday underground between mission and
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howard. the, woulder was relocating underground lines when he hit a live power line. >> he has second degree burns on his apartment face, he was we aring his protective goggles that kept any eye damage from happening and we are expecting a full recovery. >> they investigated the accident yesterday but have yet to release findings. the power authority said it'll temporarily stop work at the location where that accident happened until it has measures in place to prevent future problems, work on the remained of the site will continue as normal tomorrow. >> two strange incidents in just two days, what led separate united flights to be diverted including one that left san francisco. >> taking aim, what tim polanti has to say about one of his rivals. >> lawmakers meet today to talk about the country's budget
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deficit as the nation goes closer to hitting the debt ceiling. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend?
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. oakland police are investigating a shooting near mills college. it happened around 7:45 last night on seminary avenue. oakland police say officers found one person suffering from a gun shot wound, the victim was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. police have not made any arrests. a man ha to be taken to the hospital in sacramento after a fight during a graduation party early this morning outside fairfield. this afternoon the hospital's nursing supervisor said that the 48-year-old is in critical condition. he hit his head on the ground after being punched by a 20- year-old carson bruce. deputies arrested bruce for assault. >> there were very tense moments for passengers on board
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two separate flights to germany including one from the bay area. united 926 left last flight for frankfurt. it diverted to chicago after a flight attendant found a sticker containing a threatening message in a rest room. the plane was searched, cleared and allowed to continue. there is no word on the source of the sticker. and united flight 944 out of chicago had to make a unscheduled landing in cleveland. this after a man was acting strange and then locked himself in the bathroom and later got no a confrontation with a flight attendant and other passengers. >> a lot of noise, flight attendants running up the aisles, running back, asking for help. >> in each other's face with in an inch of each other. >> after he started screaming and pushing big man came up, took him in a head lock, they got him down. > he was removed and
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questioned by the fbi. bomb sniffing dogs then swept the plane as a precaution. >> funeral services will be held form for the man who fell over a railing during an oakland a's baseball game thursday. shannon stone fell about 20 feet behind the out field wall. he was reaching for a ball thrown up by josh hamilton. the rangers say they plan to meet to discuss safety at the stadium. this he have stadium. >> now to the race for the white house and john hunts man talked about his plans to grow the economy during a campaign stop in florida. >> we will grow your way through tax reform and regulation reform and steps toward energy independence. >> the former utah governor addressed a packed republican headquarters in branton. he went onto visit three other cities in the sunshine statement the important swing state could see a lot of him.
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he has set up his national campaign headquarters in orlando. tim polanti took a shot at michelle bachman this morning. he called her record of accomplishments nonexist entity during her three terms in congress. he then talked about his record as governor of minnesota minute. >> the president and heards cut their weekend short to try to work on ways to reduce the nation's deficit. they are still unwilling to compromise on some key issues and were just weeks from reaching the debt ceiling. barbara hall. >> reporter: the clock is ticking on capitol hill as political leaders posture over how to reduce the defend civil this is the issue that could hurt their ability to raise the debt ceiling before the august
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2nd deadline for avoiding default. >> if we had a leader who was out telling the american public the truth as to what the nature of the problem is we could get democrats to go along with bigger spending cuts. >> i want to have clarity about where house democrats stand. we do not support cuts in benefits. >> reporter: they are resisting proposals to eliminate tax breaks for corporations or tax cuts for the wealthy as a mean to increase revenue. >> i'm tired of the budget tricks and the accounts tricks that go forward. this has to be an honest approach. we are losing jobs because we are spending to much. >> reporter: the president said there is one thing that both sides agree on. getting the fiscal house in order. >> we free that to do that both side's have to step outside of
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helping you buy better. . in michigan a truck hit a busy store. investigators say the truck driver swerved to avoid other vehicles after being struck by a car. the big rig traveled up a embankment. the driver died at the scene.
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nobody else was hurt and firefighters call the efforts of the driver heroic. ? police say around seven a 22-year-old man broke into the ed sullivan theater where the david letterman show is taped. he smashed the glass in the front door and then knocked over trash cans inside the lobby and box office area but the doors were padlocked stopping him from getting inside the theater. he was arrested and charged with burglary and mischief. >> the nation of south sudan is the newest country. we spoke to locals residents closely following the events. >> and defend the constitution. >> reporter: the newly sworn in president of south sudan stood by the north sudan president marking the end of a decades long civil war. here in the bay area people from both the north and south
5:22 pm
marked the moment and said the internet for news. locate one wrote a book on southern sudan and said many challenges remain. >> what i wish for the two separate states now that we look forward rather than looking back. >> reporter: the two sides still need to agree on a border and decide how to divide oil revenues, a rich resource that comes through the south. >> we have to leave -- one people, two separate states and that we work together toward closer cooperation. . >> reporter: the president of the association of northern california said many of the one thousand or so living here worry about their homeland and wonder what will happen when national borders are set. >> there are people from the south living in the north, in the capitol, in the northern sudan and people from the north
5:23 pm
who are living in the south and we want to keep that choice available to everybody so they enjoy the richness and the diverse nature of sudan. >> reporter: this week the republic is expected to be the 193rd country recognized by the united nations. >> more quakes off the northern coast of japan. more than half a dozen moderate quakes have hit off the coast in the past 24 hours. the quakes follow yesterday's 7.0 quake that hit about 131 miles east. no damage has been reported. the defense secretary is in iraq tonight and his first visit since taking over the pentagon. it's an unscheduled stop for him. yesterday he visited troops and leaders in afghanistan. are you looking at video of his afghanistan visit. he said iraq must provide it's
5:24 pm
own security and leaders must crack down on armed factions targeting american troops. this as iraq's leaders debate over whether to ask american troops to stay in the country beyond this year. the white house chef of staff confirmed the united states is with holding aid to pakistan. they are with holding back about $850 million in aid and equipment for the army of pakistan. tensions have been on the rise since the raid and killing of bin laden in may. officials have been angry over the incursion into their territory without permission while the white house has been worried about pakistan's ineffectiveness in fighting the taliban and al-qaeda. >> the truth is our relationship with them is complicated. they have been victim of huge amounts of terrorism, but right now they have take especially steps that have given us reason to pause on some of the aid we were giving and we are trying to work through that.
5:25 pm
>> also is pakistan expelling pakistan military trainers. >> about a hundred people are missing tonight after a deadly boat accident in russia. nearly two hundred people were on board the double decker tourist boat when it sank in. two bodies have been recovered. survivors say it sank so fast they could only release one life boat and some ships wouldn't come help. in north india a packed train derailed. are you looking at video of survivors trying to escape. it was going to the mountains when 12 coaches and the engine jumped the tracks. at least 31 were killed and more than a hundred hurt. a second train derailed hours later in the northern part of the country and about a hundred. and a breakthrough in china where two coal miners above
5:26 pm
ground a week after being trapped. the miners were found in a ventilation shaft. the rescued miners are in the hospital being monitored. 16 others are still missing from the july 2nd collapse. >> the final witness took the stand today in the civil trial against the government of israel for the death of an american activist. rachel corey was run over by a bulldozer along the gaza border. the 23-year-old was protesting israel's policy of demolishing homes belonging to palestine fighters. a retired colonel said the bulldozer driver couldn't see her because she was behind a pile of rubble. her parents brought the suit. news of the world printed its last paper. a headline of thank you and
5:27 pm
good-bye greeted readers this morning. they are shutting down after outrage over allegations that reporters hacked in to voicemail acts of families of dead soldier, us of and a 13 -year-old murder victim . >> as i said to the staff this morning, this is not where we wanted to be and it's not where we deserve to be. as a final tribute to seven and a half million readers this is for you, thank you. >> clues in the crossword puzzle mocked the paper's editor when some of the hackings happened. she has been promoted in the company that owned the paper. >> a late night confrontation on bourbon street turned violent. police say a fight broke out between eight to ten people and things escalated. just outside a fast food
5:28 pm
restaurant. video shows one person pulling a gun from underneath a t-shirt and then firing into the crowd. you see it right there. a 19-year-old and a 51-year-old man were both hit while walking on the sidewalk. both of them were taken to the hospital and released with nonlife threatening injuries. the victims were innocent bystanders. >> the royal couple is heading back home but not before a busy day in los angeles. the fans love them. prince william and kate greeted fans on their way to an art school near skid row downtown. they also attended a reception for an african wildlife conservation group and an affair for veterans. >> men and women who of their own free will put their life on the line for their country. they are the frontline of a remarkable relationship between
5:29 pm
the united kingdom, the united states and canada which has safe guard our freedom. >> they spent the past three days in california and the rest of the time in canada. >> one last time, the space shuttle docks for the final time this morning at the space station. >> friday's jobless numbers painted a grim look at country's economic recovery but a closer look show a large gap. >> and joe montana is going to face opposition on tuesday in santa clara. why his plan to develop the 49er, stadium isn't being welcomed with open arms.
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. the astronauts from atlantis are on board the space station tonight. the shuttle which is the last of nasa's fleet docked at the station today fort final time. we have more on the mission and nas's program. >> atlantis arriving. welcome for the last time. >> reporter: the shutting docking at the space station, the last of the 30 year shuttle program. it was done with a back flip maneuver leaving the under belly facing the space station. >> there were no emotional problems but i think it's fair it say that the finality of our executing this particular series of operations was felt. >> reporter: the shuttle and
5:33 pm
the crew delivering tons of supplies including food and clothes to the station, providing a safety net for crews in the looming post shuttle era. >> 2, 1, 0. >> reporter: on friday emotions were running high in florida where huge crowds witnessed the final 135th launch. >> i got quite choked up. it's sad in a way because you know it's all happening so fast during lawn. >> you feel it in your chest when it starts to hit the sound barrier. you can feel it right here as it goes up. >> reporter: when they return to earth it'll leave the united states with no way to send humans into space for the first time in decades. nasa will rely on the russians to ferry astronauts. >> now to the economy, google is getting ready to put out its
5:34 pm
second quarter earnings. they are expected to post double digit gains, they are likely will toance earnings of $6.78 a share. that's up nearly 19% from a year ago. stock dropped on friday despite the forecast. overall though company shares were up 8% in june. >> reports report that apple may roll out new versions of the i-phone and i-pad in october. parts for the two devices will soon be made in taiwan in time for sale this fall. it its not clear what features they might have but it's believed will have a higher resolution screen and faster processer. the i-phone 5 is expected to be thinner with a bit better camera. >> unemployment is hitting african americans especially hard. the unemployment rate for them is just over 16%. that is double the rate for
5:35 pm
white americans. nationwide it's just over 9% overall. a profess ear is concerned many minorities lack access to a quality education and job training that could help them get jobs. >> unless america makes the significant investment in equality then african americans and other people of color, particularly now hispanics are going to find themselves in a constant strug many. >> reporter: this week members of the black caucus called on the white house and colleagues in congress to take action to help more african americans get work. >> cuts could come to california transportation. republicans have proposed cutting transportation funding by near a third. that means california could loose more than one billion dollars in federal money. california senator barbara boxer said they will fight those cuts. >> san jose police say a shooting victim limped into a hospital emergency room early
5:36 pm
this morning. staff contacted police about the pan with a bullet wound in his lower leg. a police sergeant said the man said he was shot during a fight at a party but apparently isn't providing details. he is in his early 20s. police haven't made any art arrests and say the victim won't cooperate. >> also, police are investigating an early morning stab that injured one person. it happened around 1:30 near the intersection of south king. not clear what lead up to the stabbing. the condition of the victim isn't known and no arrests have been made. >> former 49ers star joe montana is facing opposition from santa clara city manager. he wants to build a project next to the planned 49 erstad jump but the americany news reports the city manager is telling the council to deny the request. the manager believes others should have a chance to lease the property through an open
5:37 pm
bid. montana is expected to pitch the prospect on tuesday. >> state agriculture officials say they have a new nontox," c weapon against a crop threatening moth. hundreds of tiny wasps will be released to try to fight off the apple moth. the wasps lay eggs inside moth eggs killing the developing moths. the test is part of a move to find other ways than pesticides. if it works they will expand. a soon to be uc santa cruz student has started a new paper in his neighborhood. the paper and it's com panon website put a positive light on a neighborhood that often end up in the media as troubled. the founder of the paper, said he was tired of people thinking badly about his neighborhood. the paper is funded by the california endowment. >> a car free zone. we take you to busy bay area
5:38 pm
streets that were traffic free. >> and you can expect a cooldown this week but what day will be the coolest? mark who is very cool himself is come up next with the forecast. it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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. i have never seen a tree explode, like, that. >> what a lightning strike did this has one neighborhood all abuzz. the strike split the tree down the middle and left it naked sending bark in all directions. the top part of the tree also fell over. neighbors say they never seen anything like it and it's amazing nobody was hurt. now aside from the damage to the tree nothing else was damaged. one neighbor said he wished the owner had cut the tree down a
5:41 pm
long time ago. >> now he doesn't have to worry. mark has our attention now and the cooldown. >> yeah. we are talking about a lot this week with the cooler temperatures moving back into the bay area. just 60s and 70s showing up on the forecast maps. right now you can see a live storm tracker 2, we as started out with a good batch of fog this morning, hugging the coast from pacifica to half moon bay. we have mostly clear skies over a good portion of the bay area including san francisco bay, look outside, we have a bit of a breeze, evidence of the flag getting a bit of a work out with winds around 15 to 25 miles an hour. we have been talking about that cooling trend and no 90s to report this afternoon. warmest locations in the low to mid80s. san jose 78, san francisco right around 63. forecast headlines for tonight we have this, partly cloudy, fog will increase, tomorrow
5:42 pm
some morning fog will continue to cool off and over the next few days just cooler temperatures with 60s and 70s up in the forecast maps. for tomorrow morning clouds and drizzle, especially coast side, that on shore breeze, this is just the beginning of the cooling trend. there is a weather system from the north that will keep deepen the marine layer. fort inland spots warmest locations by wednesday only. in the low to mid-70s. we will warm it up by the weekend but no major heat waves showing up just yet on the long range weather map. here we go with the forecast model. the fog hugging the coastline. once again we could have some wet roadways, not rain but just drizzle out there showing up. especially for the coastline. here as we take this into the afternoon the clouds pull back to near the coastline. partly cloudy for san francisco and more sun as we head inland. tomorrow's forecast beginning at 7:00, 53 to 58, areas of fog
5:43 pm
out there by 12:00 still coastal fog and by three and four breezy again, temperatures from the upper 50s all the way to the 840-degree mark well inland. you can see some of the numbers with santa rosa in the upper 70s. oakland topping out 66, livermore in the upper 70's and these temperatures around three or four. san jose around 73 degrees and san francisco on the cool side only in the lower 60's. here is a look ahead. normally this time of year a big temperature range. not the case as you can see with temperatures cooling off. looks like thursday the coolest day of the week and then we warm it up, especially by thursday we could talk about more 70s and 80s. just bundle up over the next few days, you will be at the beach, want to bring the ski jacket. >> by next weekend, starts to
5:44 pm
warm up. >> especially about a week from today. >> thank you. >> bicyclists took over some of san francisco's most popular streets today. took advantage of a car free day. the city closed the street and the great lieway from lincoln to -- as part of its sunday streets program. >> nice to be able to bike around the city without having to deal with cars. >> sunday streets will return on august 14th when streets in the civic center and tender loin are scheduled to be closed. >> and across the bay basketball courts covered the parking lot this weekend. it's all part of the so you think you can hoop three on three tournament. more than 500 players including many teens took part in the free competition. tournament started yesterday and wraps up this afternoon.
5:45 pm
oers say it's a good way for kids to meet new friends. >> gives the eastside of oakland a chance to meet people from the westside and north and south and they can all come here and have a great time, the weather has been good. >> the vice mayor said the team won the top prize division and will donate it to the police activity league that does a lot of good work. >> does. looks like they had a lot of fun. senate a's try to avoid the sweep and another giant's player making the all-star team. >> and the united states and brazil battle to a wild finish in the women's world cup. we have all the details in sports wrap. we will be right back.
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5:48 pm
. welcome to sports wrap. four days ago the a's were talking about getting back into the american league west race after being swept in four games by the rangers they find themselves 12 games out of first place. how hot was it today in texas? it's the oldest saying about heat, and it was true. oakland's cahill pitched well enough to win. he took one for the team in the 4th. that point he and harrison were still locked in a scoreless dual. didn't work out the next time beltre came up with hamilton on, he hit it out of left center. that's number 19 for him and the rangers had all the runs they needed. a m," ni rally for the a's in the 8th. weeks lead off with a single but harrison got dejesus to
5:49 pm
ground into a double play. those were the last two outs harrison had before getting bullpen help. the rangers win it 2-0 as the act's manage just six hits in their 4th straight loss. the giants in another prime time affair in the third inning of a scoreless game. sandoval learned he would be making his all-star game debut. happy times for the panda these days, earlier this week spent some sometime on the field with his daughter and neice. sandoval missed several weeks after having surgery on his hand but since then has caught fire. he is the middle of a 20 game hitting streak that -- and has raised his average to 305. he is one of three injury replacement player who had a little fun with him. he is at first base tonight. >> had a little fun with him. asked him if he could play first and he said yeah, i said you think think can go to arizona and he didn't know what i was talking about and i said
5:50 pm
congratulations you made the all-star team and he was excited. i'm sure he is six feet up. he earned it. he has a 20 game hit streak. we know how important he is to the line up and a couple years ago he just missed going. i was very happy to be able to tell him. >> it has to be considered one of the greatest finishes in the soccer, world cup or otherwise. the united states is heading to the semi-finals against france. the united states against brazil. didn't take them long to jump in front. shannon bach in the mix. a kick that goes right past the goalie. the united states had a 1-0 lead on the own goal. it stayed 1-0 and then in the 68th minute they had a great scoring chance. the great marts closing in but is dragged down, this is a
5:51 pm
penalty and she gets a red card. hope solo marks the first penalty kick but it's waiverred off because of the united states player broke toward the goal to soon. her second kick got past her and it stayed that way until extra time. 92nd minute. athletic move around the ball. one more lock. united states up against it. down eightball and a player. what resulted was the latest goal in women's gold cup history and stop age time 122 minutes in, megan -- centers, a header to own the game at two and a great effort when it looked like defeat was certain. on the 12 year anniversary of the penalty kick win against china solo got one block. then alex put the shot in the
5:52 pm
back of the net and the united states had the win. they won its last five meetings against brazil but none better than that one. up next the semi-final match on wednesday. in today's other match, swed,er of en and australia for the chance to face off against japan. sweden went in front. it's terese with the goal to make it 1-0. then australia made a fatal mistake. they tried to kick back to the goalie but they take the ball away. they then have the easy break away. 3-1 is the final. the one team that beat the united states in youth play. >> still to come, history repeats itself on the golf tour and not a good day at the office for indy car drivers.
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no rain has been a big problem in colorado at golf's women's united states open. today no different as they are just back and forth -- and the final round, and angela stanford are tied forked lead. whoever would expect them to be, the john deere classic, stricker began the day with a two point lead. this is the year to get acquainted with new names like kyle stanley. he made birdie at 15, it was five birdies and six holes, that was good enough to get him a share of the lead. it then got tougher for stricker who got a bogie at 15 and had to dig his ball out at 16 to identity it. he tried to blast out and it didn't work. he takes another bogie.
5:56 pm
stanley -- par16 and 17 and then made bogie at 17. he pulled even at 17 and then can force the playoff with the par putt at 18 or you could just make the birdie and send everybody home. stricker up and down day with a 69 that left him 22 under par for the tournament and the winner of the event for the third straight year. a new stage winner and a new leader after the action in the tour de france. stage nine a 129-mile effort through the sceney. no one of the tour cars makes contact with a rider of spain who hits another biker and sends him into a ditch. both were able to continue. spain came in five seconds faster than france. monday is an off day. danica patrick starting
5:57 pm
21st on the grid. she would be a major player with 14 laps to go. she gets in to the back of james jakes. he doesn't do so bad but alex gets shot many to the barrier, he is done. pat rush not thrill bud was able to continue. enhances his series lead against will power who was 24th. see you again tonight at ten. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you joe. tonight at ten, its been almost two years since three berkeley graduates were detained in iran. the mother of one of them is speaking out act her son and efforts to try to gain his freedom. we will have more on that. >> and more on your forecast and mark thick things not looking bad. >> we aren't talking about any heat advisories, just temperatures in the 60s and 70s and maybe a bump in the numbers. >> we will look for that.
5:58 pm
that's the report for now. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. for everybody here, thank you for joining us, the next newscast is at ten and we are online all the time at thank you for joining us.
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